In 2008, a 38 year old woman was diagnosed with Indolent, Marginal Zone Lymphoma based on full lymph node biopsy, bone marrow aspiration and biopsy and other standard testing.
In the subsequent 7 years, she was treated with various regimens of standard chemotherapy including RCVP, Rituximab monotherapy, and Bendamustine plus Rituximab. Despite these treatments, she continued to relapse.
At that point, an Expert Medical Opinion was requested. All slides and blocks of material from multiple biopsies starting with the time of the initial diagnosis through 2015 were sent to McGill University’s Cancer Hematologist and Hematopathologist for review.
The diagnosis was subsequently modified to Hairy Cell Leukemia. Treatment with Cladibrine was initiated on the advice of the McGill team. At last follow up in 2019, the patient remained relapse free.