Top quality travel for treatment

When the best treatment is not available in or near your city…

The Expert Medical Opinion team makes every effort to identify effective treatment options close to where the patient lives. Advanced treatment is often availableand easily accessible.

In cases, however, where the best treatment is not available in or near your home, the Expert Medical Opinion team will suggest treatment options in alternate locations, always keeping your convenience in mind. Their recommendations will also take into account the need for your doctor to make appropriate referrals and follow up on your care.

Even though many countires have advanced medical system, treatment of patients in foreign health facilities may be preferable if:

The service you need is only available abroad

Should the recommended treatment be available only outside home country, Expert Medical Opinion will make all necessary arrangements on your behalf by coordinating transportation, admission at the medical institution and repatriation. Expert Medical Opinion provides access to the best medical expertise at the most affordable cost, thanks to its international medical provider network.

You’re looking for the best quality

In some cases, the most effective treatment is only available in another country. This may be especially true if:

  • Time-sensitive treatment is more readily available
  • Experimental treatment is only available at a small number of foreign centres
  • A specific treatment is not yet available in your country

You require confidentiality

Your medical information will be held in the strictest confidence at all times. We conform to all laws and regulations regarding patient confidentiality, and employ the most secure modern technology to ensure the privacy and integrity of your information.

T4T Linked Concierge Services

Patients and their close ones need travel arrangements including private jet availability compatible with care schedules, housing, translation, administrative and logistical support. The total of these services is called CONCIERGE SERVICES.

If treatment costs are not covered by the Canadian Medicare System, then the costs of medical treatment abroad and transportation and accommodation expenses are the responsibility of the patient.